TITT Talks Podcast: Season 2 Has Launched!

Welcome to Season 2 of TITT Talks! Thank you for sticking with us! We are starting this fabulous season with one of our favorite topics - TRAVEL!

Let us take you on a magic carpet ride as we reminisce on the journeys we have taken to some of our favorite faraway lands. These experiences have opened our eyes; they have allowed us to make human connections; they have made us appreciate all we have at home; they’ve introduced us to some of our favorite foods; and they have humbled us.

We also have a special treat for you, our beloved listeners. In this episode, we welcome one of our favorite humans in this entire universe: Nikol Fisher of @beachseakers fame! She was able to turn her passion for travel into an Instagram empire, garnering over 57K followers by sharing beautiful photos of her family and their trips around the world. Nikol will also share how she built her Instagram account into the giant that it is today, as well as some useful travel tips!

We’d love to hear about your favorite trips and what you learned from them! Connect with us through the links below!



TITT Talks was “conceived” in January of 2020 during one of TITT’s many friend/family (“framily”) get-togethers. In conversation, it came to light that there was a lack of representation of women like TITT in, among other forms of media, the podcast world. In particular, there was no podcast that TITT could subscribe to that would enable them to feel seen, heard, or understood as modern Asian Pacific American working mothers.

We knew that this void was one they could fill by sharing their voices and experiences through their casual conversations, which were already taking place on a routine basis.

Thank you for the positive feedback we have received since our launch in early June 2020. We are delighted to hear that we are bringing you content that you can finally relate to as mothers, professionals, millennials, and Asian Pacific Americans.



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