Dear Kids - COVID - 19 Social Distancing Week 5 Wrap Up

Beep, beep, who got the keys to the Jeep? Vrooommm!

Dear Kids,

Dad sealed off this side of the house while the repair work was being done.

I was just thinking that by the time social distancing eases up, we will have been home together for two months (if there’s not another extension)! It seems like such a long time when you say it out loud. Living it day to day, though, it doesn't seem that long at all. Don't get me wrong, everyone is wishing for some sense of normalcy to return. But while we're stuck here, we're trying to continue to find the positives in every day. We are slowly creeping slowly to that finish line, now closer to the end than the start. Going back to work part-time (albeit from home) gave me a little taste of what inching back to normal will look like for us. Last week wasn’t easy for a couple of reasons. One reason simply being that I missed you. I wasn’t able to spend as much time with you. Our unstructured routine of constant contact was put on hold as I focused on work three days a week. Your poor Dad probably had too much alone time with you, but how else could I have focused on work? My temper was short on the days I was working, finding it difficult to concentrate with the constant craze of this house. Not my finest parenting moments, but I’m trying to be better about it this week. Second, my brain felt almost as atrophied as it did when I came back from both of my maternity leaves. I think it’s so fascinating how much of a muscle the brain is. Remember this! You don’t use it, you lose it! So ramping back up has been a bit slow coming but I still feel incredibly blessed to be back at work. The third difficulty is that we got a taste of how impossible this situation is for all the moms and dads who are still working full time and trying to homeschool. Neither is being done at 100% capacity. And, for sanity’s sake, I don’t see how how the work part could be done without an exorbitant amount of screen time. Lastly, on top of all this, we had a leak in our main bathroom! The landlord wanted it fixed immediately so that meant someone who has not been socially distancing with us had to be let into the house! Can you feel Daddy’s OCD going off the charts?

All this aside, going back to work made me really grateful for the time we had together. It resulted in maximizing every moment I had with you. On Tuesday, we drove to Gung Gung, Po Po and Uncle Tim's to pick up some supplies and had a socially distant lunch. You guys loved the last picnic we had in the back of Daddy’s car so we planned another one! Gung Gung, Po Po and Uncle Tim had lunch with us on their porch while we kept our distance. It made my heart so happy for us to be together. Besides that, Po Po is the MVP. She got us a package of toilet paper (Charmin Ultra Strong - your Dad’s derrièr preference) that we haven’t been able to find anywhere. She also got us cleaning supplies that we ended up desperately needing to disinfect the hallway and bathroom after the repair.

The best part of this photo is the Charmin Ultra Strong

What has become our normal routine continued. Last week, Tess helped make a spectacular Chocolate Chip loaf. We haven’t repeated any recipes yet, but this one is going to have to be remade. It was so good! I continued my work as the Hwang household personal chef. Like the baking, I’ve managed to try new things and get a variety of foods on the table so we aren’t eating the same thing every day. We, unfortunately, dropped the ball on potty training. Sorry, Miles. It was difficult to manage consistency while also needing to be glued to a computer screen. The good news is, we have nothing but time on our hands! We took some walks and played a decent amount outside which made you guys so happy. The Jeep came out of hibernation and it has been a major highlight. Homeschool didn’t go as smoothly as I had hoped while balancing work and school lessons so Friday was a power session of two and half days of "school" crammed into one. Part of the supplies we picked up on Tuesday included homemade masks from my Auntie Joanna, who Po Po has known since she was in high school. Tess, you're perfectly fine with wearing them, practicing for what we think will be the reality of your return to Kindergarten. Miles, predictably so, you're not a fan. Outside of the completely natural temper tantrums, we had a good week, guys. We're getting into our new groove and looking forward to the warmth and sunshine in the forecast this week. Can't wait to see what memories we're going to make!